Artists    Jaky Pinnock

I have been a mosaic artist since 1999 working in Perth and the South West on Public and Private Art Commissions. Public and larger scale artworks include, 4 mosaics for Kings Park Botanical Gardens, Methodist Ladies College,  Fremantle Mausoleum, Seafresh, Mercy College and McDonalds. 

There is nothing that gets the brain working like an intriguing puzzle and finding a solution perplexing problem, bringing mosaic to life. Arranging shapes, flow lines, textures, patterns and colours, inspires me. I enjoy deciphering nature and using different media to put together a united artwork that looks 3 dimentional and alive.

Mosaics have been used since the 3rd millennium BC to beautify enviroments. Mosaics have a greater intrinsic longevity than either frescoes or canvases. They are low maintenance and a great choice for the home or public open space. My smaller mosaics are portable, statement artwork that never fail to be noticed. 


FLow by Jaky Pinnock

FLow  2018

Mixed Media Mosaics

600mm x 1200 mm

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