Artists    Ros Barry

AFTER A NUMBER OF YEARS AS A GRAPHIC ARTIST AND CERAMIST ROS BARRY DECIDED TO CONCENTRATE ON DEVELOPING HER SKILLS AS A GLASS ARTIST. SHE HAS BEEN WORKING WITH GLASS FOR ABOUT SIX YEARS AND WORKS FROM HER STUDIO IN PERTH PRODUCING FUSED AND KILN FORMED GLASS. Ros’s designs are heavily influenced by her environment of sun and water, with strong statements of colour manifesting in an abstract form. All ideas are planned out thoroughly before the careful cutting and layering of transparent and opaque glass. Additionally, paint or powders can sometimes be applied, giving extra depth and texture. A piece may need to be fired as many as five times to get some of the desired effects. An additional application of sandblasting onto a design, using a stencil applied to the surface, will result in a soft opaque effect. This allows the introduction of another contrasting element to enhance a finished piece. The challenges and beauty of glass are what keeps Ros encouraged to further her working association with the medium.


'T' Shirt by Ros Barry

'T' Shirt  2013

Fused , slumped and sandblasted Glass

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