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'Glass is alive! Capturing light creating movement of colour!' 

B Ellen 2019


Brenda Ellen is one of the Glass Artist exhibiting at LAVA Art Glass Gallery & Studio,  the owner of the LAVA Gallery and resident glass artist.

Specializing in Architectural Glass, Brenda offers a consultation service for the design and creation of private and commercial commissioned artwork.


'Fundamentally I consider myself an Architectural Glass Artist specializing in stained glass and leadlight.

I love to immerse myself in colour and texture and expand my creative abilities to translate life into glass. Experimenting with kiln formed glass I find myself drawn to the physical and creative challenges within the restrictive boundaries of architectural glass. I strive to combine the two and transform dimensions.

Instinctively my inspiration stirs with every sheet of glass my surroundings, life jounney and the endless possibilities!'  


Art Glass Services




Where possible, Brenda will visit the space for the commissioned artwork and consult the needs and

requirements for the commission for the considered space.


This service is the preliminary stage of all commissioned work.


The format and technique of Art Glass is discussed and the possibilities explored.


'Design is more than lines on paper. The space, environment, materials of the architecture and surrounding landscape all effect the design process'.


After the initial consultation two design concepts are offered for selection. A 'Scope of Work' and quotation

is also provided.


Brenda Ellen has had over 26years' experience in Architectural Art Glass. She is a professional in her area of expertise and is passionate about Art Glass in all formats.


Should you like to consider Brenda for your commission please email:



Brenda will be in touch with you to arrange an appointment and discuss your ideas.


Please enjoy a snap shot of Brenda's Architectural Art Glass panel commissions


'Cattle Grazing'

This was a commission for a cattle property in Perth Australia. The brief was to create a vista, looking out a window onto the property viewing the grazing cattle incorporating the owners garden. With the use of textured glass and vibrant real colors the view is imagined and created.


Cattle Grazing





'Point Lonsdale'

This panel was created as a wedding gift to a couple who had fond memories of Point Lonsdale in Victoria Australia. The FJ Holden car a collectable owned by the groom. Textured glass is used to bring the image to life and some detailed glass painting is used to recreate the memory in glass.







This is a macro shot of a section of an entrance to a property in the Perth Hills in Australia

The commission brief was to design and create an entrance to the home that encapsulated the name of the property 'Orange Grove'. With the use of traditional English Muffle glass and various transparent and streaky glass the panels are created. Below is the completed panels.







'Star Gazing'

This panel celebrates bright vibrant colour, texture, design detail and light.

Traditional design and colour enable the symetry of the panel.

Using traditional glass and a blown rondel as the center piece the panel is strickingly vibrant and alive.



'Flowing part 1'

This panel is one of a series of three panels commissioned to depict the influences of two separate aboriginal paintings.

Soft muted colour is used to give a gentle hue and texture to capture direct sunlight.




'Kangaroo Paw'

This is an autonomous panel that depicts the elegance and beautiful shapes in nature.

Installed into a solid Jarrah frame the panel can be displayed anywhere.



'The Philberts'

The brief for this piece was to transform a photo of the family home in England into Glass.

The glass selection was integral to capturing the essence of the English cottage.




'Tree Top'

This design flows through three panels to create the vision of the tree top.

A mixture of clear water class, transparent and opaque glass is used.






Tulips is a series of stained glass panels installed into a gazebo. 

The brief was to replicate the candelabra feature of the central tulip.

There are a total of eight (8) panels in the gazebo.




Restorations and Repairs


Considering restoration or repair of your stained glass or leadlight panels?

To ensure quality work and professional expertise, the following questions should be considered.


Does the business specialize in stained glass and leadlights?

Brenda Ellen specializes in architectural glass stained glass and leadlight. 


Are they accredited?

Brenda is accredited and has over 26 years of experience.


Will my project be covered by insurance while being restored or repaired?

Works are covered by the business insurance while under restoration.


What materials are used?

New materials authentic to the piece are sourced and supplied for all works.

Work is restored and repaired to Australian standards 1288.


Do they repair for insurance claims?

Insurance work is welcomed and a report is supplied for your insurance claim.


Where is the work done?

All work is done by Brenda personally from a working professional glass studio in Bunbury Western Australia.


What is in process involved?



PLEASE NOTE: There is no charge for this consultation and process



'I love restoring and repairing stained glass and leadlights. The craftmanship involved deserves the respect of being brought back to life and enjoyed for many years to come'. B. Ellen 2016 


Making old new again!




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